Our customers drive our success

Our busiest lanes vary with our customers’ requirements, current exchange rate, price of fuel and many other factors. To give you a better understanding of what makes us tick, the following are some quick facts about our demographics and busiest lanes of activity.

We focus on over-the-road transport that takes us all over Canada and the USA. We do an even mix of LTL and Truckload service which is split between:

  • Domestic Canada trucking – 25%
  • Domestic USA trucking – 25%
  • Cross border trucking between major USA cities – 50%

Our top lanes of activity (as of March, 2016)

  • Between Toronto, ON and Montreal, QC
  • Between Chicago, IL and Toronto
  • Between Montreal, QC to Newark, NJ
  • Between Montreal, QC to Houston TX
  • Between Vancouver, BC and San Franscisco, CA
  • Montreal, QC to Atlanta, GA
  • Cleveland, OH to Montreal, QC
  • Montreal, QC to Chester, Va
  • Between Baltimore, MD and Toronto, ON
  • Between Charleston, SC and Chicago, IL
  • Between New York City, NY and Los Angles, CA
  • Between Montreal, QC and Vancouver, BC
  • Between San Diego, CA and Ottawa, ON