When time matters most, we’re all over it

We operate 24/7 for a good reason. Our customers run into situations that demand immediate action and it rarely happens during regular business hours. A plant shutdown, an assembly line crunch, there are all types of situations that need to be addressed as if every minute matters.

We have select carriers within our partner network that specialize in these types of direct drive, exclusive use shipment requirements. If the hours of service restrictions keep a single driver from making the journey, we put an expedited team on the job. We coordinate and communicate every step of the way so that your emergency requirements are handled to your exact specifications.

We have the resources and the desire to make it happen

Our team of hand-picked logistics professionals love a challenge and have an excellent record of performing near miracles when called upon. Regardless of the size of shipment, commodity, or destination, we’ll tell you up front what our best solution is, the proposed ETA, and the cost. When your mission is near impossible, trust DVL to come through for you.